Nissy Tee

Here we have Nissy Tee, a all rounder, someone who is slowly but surely creeping up in the creative industry so you shouldn't be surprised when you see her popping up on your explore page or home page on YouTube.

Nissy a Uni student came out of her hectic schedule to pop down to 48four studios to talk about how it is dipping and dabbing in all the creative fields such as Radio Personality, a Presenter, and you may recognize her being a Cast member of 'BK Chat London' (If you have not heard of BK Chat London, give it a search on YouTube to find out more.) She opened up about how she fell into all fields mentioned up above and also a gave us a insider on a upcoming project shes working on named BEBB. 

But find out more about her and BEBB online by checking out her interview below.